ACTC (Assistance Center of Towson Churches)

We have an on-going collection of food.

During the month of February, we are taking up a special collection for  the”Souper Bowl of Caring.”

Board of Child Care

A ministry of the United Methodist Church which supports at-risk children and youth.

Lois T. Murray Elementary School


We buy Christmas gifts and present them at a yearly party for students with special needs. We also support the school with activities throughout the school year.

Special Needs Ministry

We feel that God is calling us to minister to our brothers and sisters in the community with special needs. We know that all are created in the image of God, and everyone deserves an opportunity to worship their creator. Recognizing that not everyone has had this opportunity, we offer a Palm Sunday Worship Service with an Easter Egg Hunt and party afterwards, a Christmas service with a party including Santa and a Costume Dance Party in the fall. (See our Events page.) Our church sponsors a Special Needs Boy Scout Troop as well. Click here to see a picture on our Facebook page boy scout We always welcome anyone with special needs to join us at our usual worship service on Sunday mornings at 11am, and you are also welcome to join in any other church activities during the year.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

We crochet, knit and quilt prayer shawls which have been sent around the world for anyone in need. Also, blankets and stuffed animals have been made for children facing difficult circumstances.

We also support many other causes throughout the year.